My Favourite Wireless Headphones

Beats Wireless Headphones in White

Truth be told, I was hesitant to run this post as I wouldn’t want anyone thinking this it’s been paid for. There is a LOT of marketing going on around Beats By Dr Dre Wireless Headphones. But know this: there are few things I dislike more than paid-for posts or bloggers who sell their souls to big advertisers. That ain’t me.

Last night, while mindlessly surfing the net on my laptop, my nifty other half quietly and inconspicuously got the wireless headphones I purchased a while ago, during a trip to London, synced up to his iTunes and…placed them on my head to play me a song. To put it mildly, I was instantly and magically transported from a mundane, internet-surfing, vanilla world into a land of crystal clear, energizing and soul-uplifting music – the kind that makes you want to get up and boogie all by yourself in the living room (you know, like those hot chicks always do in cheesy radio station ads).

To put it another way: whilst listening to whatever tune it was (I don’t even remember which particular one was playing when I was overcome by the wonder of Beats By Dr Dre), I actually found myself looking forward to next week’s gym sessions (a Very Rare Occurrence). I should probably add, this is kind of the reason why I bought these wireless babies in the first place: running/jogging/training is enough of a challenge, I don’t need annoying and tangly wires running up and down my arm, just so that I can tune out of cardio hell and into my favourite playlist of embarrassingly corny gym tunes. I want ease, I want comfort and, of course, I want crystal clear sound. Thank you, Dr Dre, you have provided.

Awesome Photo by Jean-Pierre Uys
My 30th Birthday Party. Awesome Photo by The Incredibly Talented Jean-Pierre Uys.

Pros Controls on the ear cup let you switch tracks and adjust volume without pulling out your music player. Headphones, though wirelessly enabled, can also be used with a wire (to connect to non-synced devices on aeroplanes, at the gym etc.) Headphones are rechargeable with a USB power cable and they don’t take batteries. They’re also pretty easy to sync up to your bluetooth devices.

Cons All the Dr Dre headphones are super expensive, but after trying them out, I can see why. They cost in the region of USD 279.00, depending on which country you’re in. (Tip: try buying them at any international airport to at least get them tax free.)

Stockists Visit and select your country for information on where to buy.


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