Who I’m Following On Instagram

I often get asked by friends which accounts I’m following on Instagram and, to be honest, I find this social media platform a super authentic, accessible & useful way to find cool style tips, shopping inspiration & enjoy exquisite imagery. There isn’t always the time to buy or page through a fashion magazine and, sometimes, at the end of a long work day, when my concentration span resembles that of a (lazy) gold fish, there’s no online place I’d rather be.

So, here is my round-up of the best blogger accounts worth following on Instagram.

(1) Sincerely Jules (@sincerelyjules) | 4.3m followers

This hip & happening LA girl knows just how to combine high-end luxury brands like Cartier and Louis Vuitton with all-American high-street labels. Nobody can pull off sneakers & a floaty evening dress better than this social media sensation.

(2) Rocky Barnes (@rocky_barnes) | 887k followers

Rocky has got to be one of the most annoyingly gorgeous girls on Instagram. Her boho-chic festival-inspired “living la vida loca” outfits seem to continuously strike the perfect balance between trends and inimitable originality.

(3) Lolariostyle (@lolariostyle) | 544k followers

For fabulous ripped jeans teamed with iconic designer handbags & chunky knits, Sasha Simon has one classy Instagram account full of great, easy-to-imitate fashion ideas captured in a beautifully edited way.

(4) Blank Itinerary (@blankitinerary) | 600k followers

The style of Paola Alberdi, sultry Spanish fashionista, is sometimes glamorous, sometimes casual and never too contrived or self-conscious. Here are some of my favourite Blank Itinerary looks.

(5) Negin Mirsalehi (negin_mirsalehi) | 3.7m followers

As is evident from the number of her followers, it’s fair to say Negin is a social media icon. Influencers in her league get paid top dollar to advertise some of the world’s largest brands and – judging by her account – it’s easy to see why.

That’s it, guys, those are my top five Insta accounts! Hope you find them just as inspirational. Happy gramming! Follow me on Instagram @clarewiesewentzel.


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