The Sexiest Makeup Storage Box Around

Neat Freaks, Obsessive Compulsive Tidiers, Makeup Addicts & Design Lovers, please meet The Beauty Box, makers of the most beautiful, practical makeup & jewellery storage boxes in South Africa.

For years (far too many), I used to store my makeup in the drawers of my vanity table: pretty neatly organised, with little make-shift dividers & allocated sections for all the different products. It was OK. However, since discovering The Beauty Box, all my makeup now lives happily on my vanity counter top & the rest, as they say, is history. Everything has its perfect place (nothing make shift about it), is quick & easy to pack away after the usual Morning Makeup Rush and just looks so pretty & professional.

I was introduced to The Beauty Box by my friend & makeup maestro Renee De Wit of Gorgeous2Go fame, when she painted the faces of our MOOIMAAK makeover candidates last season, neatly storing her (lust-worthy) makeup kit in the “Build A Beauty Box” organizer from The Beauty Box. It really was love at first sight, for me.

On the set of MOOIMAAK, with Renee of Gorgeous2Go

What I love about it

  • the acrylic is super high quality and the unit is particularly well made;
  • although the Build A Beauty Box is generous in size (it’s the biggest organizer they sell), I like the fact that “space is limited” which means all my extra non-daily products can get stored separately, to avoid cluttering up those products I need quick access to – it forces you to edit your collection (and, although I’m not a huge fan of being forced to do ANYthing, when it comes to organizing, I’ll happily allow it:);
  • the drawers and dividers have been very thoughtfully designed, allowing for all different sizes & types of products to live together peacefully. The modular drawer dividers are very flexible and a great addition;
  • the top section is great for larger bottles, brushes & products that need to stand upright;
  • all my daily favourites are on quick & easy display, quick to grab and even quicker to put away;
  • anything that makes living a Marie-Kondo-style declutterd life even easier and looks this elegant, gets a well-manicured “thumbs-up” from me.
The Build-A-Beauty-Box from The Beauty Box

The lovely ladies at The Beauty Box are offering anyone using the code “clarewiesewentzel” ten per cent off their first order: simply email to claim this special discount.

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One thought on “The Sexiest Makeup Storage Box Around”

  1. Great piece,hope to see you at the beauty swop beauty Expo.The original beauty box will also be a vendor there


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