My Latest Online Skincare Obsession

Hi guys! So, I know, it’s been a while…over two years to be exact. (Insert see-no-evil monkey / super embarrassed emoji). Turns out consistency, self-discipline and routine are not my strong points. Perhaps my husband was right (this one time;).

What I am relatively good at, though (just ask any of my long-distance friends) is “picking up where I left off” – with just as much, if not more, enthusiasm than before. And, to be fair, what I am worse at than self-discipline and consistency is having too much free time. Having wrapped filming for Season 3 of MOOIMAAK (my South African makeover television series), it turns out my excessively long list of Things I Am Going To Do As Soon As I Have Time, is not all that riveting. I’d much rather be sharing some of my best lifestyle tips, tricks & discoveries with all of you, my lovely followers.

OK, so now that we’ve gotten the small talk out of the way, I want to share with you probably my biggest and best beauty discovery of 2020. Let me introduce (if you have not yet heard of, tried or fallen wildly in love with them) Dermastore.

As the name suggests, Dermastore is an online store, specialising in skincare. Not just any skincare though, a carefully curated selection of the world’s best cosmeceutical product ranges – the types you’ll have seen Hollywood actresses use in their night-time regimes, if you’ve ever watched an episode of Harper’s Bazaar “Go To Bed With Me” on Youtube.

Having been founded by leading dermatologist Dr Ian Webster, the site has an amazing built-in (and free) “prescription” tool. This means that – without having to get out of your PJs or put on a mask – you can fill out an online questionnaire and get given a personalised product regime (whether your main concern is fine lines, deep wrinkles, sun damage, hormonal pigmentation, dehydration or acne), as prescribed by Dr Webster.

The Skin Assessment is fun, free and fast and (even if you don’t buy anything) it’s a great place to start learning about active ingredients (I’ll do a post on this later, but – for now – just know that if your skincare regime does not include active ingredients, you’re wasting your time and money). If you have any questions, a skin care therapist is available during business hours on the “live chat” function for instant answers! I always have a million questions and am pretty high up on the impatience spectrum, so – for me – this is a game-changer.

A few other things that have made me an unapologetic Dermastore addict:

  • they deliver nationwide in South Africa within 2-4 or 3-5 days, depending on where you are. They delivered some products to our MOOIMAAK director recently, who lives in Hoekville, with free-roaming cattle as her neighbours;
  • with every purchase, you always get a bunch of free samples to try;
  • their site is super informative: I often spend time reading up on all things from “pigmentation” to “seasonal tips” as, with so much junky knowledge on the internet, I’m super grateful for Dr Webster’s free (and science-backed) tips.
MOOIMAAK Season 2 | BEFORE & AFTER (non-surgical makeover)

The world of skincare can be vast and overwhelming. I often find so many women don’t do anything, because they simply don’t know where to start. I, too, am a regular victim of analysis paralysis. With so many product ranges, skin concerns and ingredient types out there, the whole thing can become a migraine-causing minefield. The great news is Dermastore is right at your fingertips and, in 2 to 5 days, the perfect products for you can be right outside your door.

May your best skin ever be on its way!

Stay safe & healthy,

Love, Clare.


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