South African Brands I’m Loving Right Now

Last week was a big one for me: we launched MOOIMAAK Season 3 on Kyknet (the first episode premiered last Thursday, after a veeeeery long and interrupted production period due to COVID) and I am extremely proud and thankful to say that the response we received surpassed our wildest expectations (and my expectations, for one, are usually pretty wild to begin with.) 

So, to celebrate all that our country has to offer  – in terms of talent, beauty and innovation – I thought it appropriate to list a few of my favourite South African brands. Because, after all, local is “die lekkerste” (translation: “the MOST lekker.”)


For all you fellow animal lovers out there looking to spoil your pooches with something special, Chommies makes the most fabulous dog leads & collars. Charlie (our very cheeky Ridgeback who can, at times, be a wee bit Beyoncé) is in love with her Chommies gold and black collar set and, let me just say, she’s not an easy one to please. Without fail, people stop us to ask us where her collar is from.


Multi-talented makeup and hair artist Danielle Jacobs took the opportunity during lockdown to design a range of leisure wear for the style-conscious woman who wants to be comfortable. Because nobody wants to wear jeans when doing emails at home and nobody wants to wear pyjamas to go grab a takeaway coffee. Say goodbye to FGW (Fake Gym Wear, of course) and hello to Danielle’s cosy but chic (and super soft) cardigan sets. Click here to view the Danielle Jacobs Lifestyle the collection.


Technically, not a “brand”, but a design destination par excellence, Babylonstoren has developed a style signature all its own, from its beautifully-designed rooms all the way through to its online shop, which stocks everything from delicious pantry items in pretty packaging to printed linen, textured towels and elegant home ware (pictured below).

Happy browsing and, remember: Christmas is just around the corner. Thank heavens, so is 2021;)

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Love, Clare.


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