About Me

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Hi. My name is Clare Wiese-Wentzel. Thank you for visiting my lifestyle blog, The Global Critic.

I am a thirty-something (yes, it’s reached that stage where I’d rather not get too specific), proud Capetonian, who loves life and cannot sit still for a minute.

After studying journalism in London and working as a writer for House & Leisure and Marie Claire, I qualified as an attorney and spent three years practising law at Bowmans Attorneys in Cape Town. As if that wasn’t enough of a radical change, what followed was the launch of two fine jewelry brands, Sloane & Madison and Paka Paka (with Ida Elsje). Very excitingly, our jewellery was worn by Uma Thurman, Kerry Washington, Spice Girl Mel B (on America’s Got Talent) and Chrissy Teigen (who became a customer). Some of our pieces even made it into the editorial pages of Vogue. As wonderful as that was, I yet again – in 2017 – made a big jump to a place where I now finally feel I want to stay: the world of television.

Currently, I am co-producing and hosting MOOIMAAK, a pioneering new makeover television series for the South African network, kykNET, featuring the latest and greatest non-surgical cosmetic and dental enhancement procedures available today.  Our aim is to change the lives of a women and men, by taking 15 years off their faces and dramatically improving their lifestyles.

Welcome to this little online space of mine, where I hope to share some of what inspires, motivates and excites me, with those of you who want to live your best lives and, like me, grab what the world has to offer with both hands.

Despite being privileged in many regards and humbly grateful for that, to me, living your best life is not about what neighbourhood your house is in. It’s about making your private dwelling your personal, private retreat, inhabited only by things and people that “spark joy” (a phrase recently made famous by Japanese de-cluttering expert, Marie Kondo). Living your best life is not about how many social-scene invitations you receive. It’s about knowing who your true friends are & nurturing those relationships that make your soul feel connected. It’s not about how much money you earn. It’s about getting up in the morning and spending your day doing something that makes you come alive (whether that’s being a full-time mother, climbing the corporate ladder or chasing your wildest, entrepreneurial dreams).

On the other side of this coin is of course the more trivial, lighthearted and fun aspects of life that, for me, most certainly include global fashion trends, health & wellness, the best of the beauty world, design & decor inspiration, travel tips and foodie hot spots. After all, a good life (let alone, your best life) cannot exist without balance.

So, on this platform, I want to share with you those things and experiences that might, at some stage, have brought me closer to living my best life, whether it be through hours and hours of research, asking some poor individual a million questions, trial and error or good old-fashioned life experience.

Thank you for visiting and I hope I manage to “spark some joy” somewhere along your path to living your best life.

With love,


PS You can follow my adventures on Instagram @clarewiesewentzel and please remember to like The Global Critic’s Facebook page for blog post notifications and all sorts of exciting competitions.


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